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At Clyde Pest Solutions, we are committed to delivering comprehensive commercial & domestic pest control services. Our team are dedicated to excellence and professionalism in every aspect of our operations.

We are a nationwide service provider, ensuring effective pest management solutions for all types of properties. Our approach extends beyond addressing immediate infestations; we proactively safeguard your home, employees and clients by implementing a holistic pest management strategy. This includes practical measures, education, and structural modifications to prevent future problems.

Our priority is to provide pest prevention and control solutions that are not only long-lasting but also practical and responsible.

  • Professional & dedicated team covering Scotland
  • 10 years of experience in the pest control industry
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Domestic pest control refers to the strategies and measures taken to control & eliminate pests within residential properties. Unlike commercial pest control, which is geared towards businesses and public spaces, domestic pest control focuses on your home and its immediate surroundings. Your home is your sanctuary and we know how important for your family to be safe in a pest free environment.

Pests in a domestic setting can include a wide variety of insects (like ants, bedbugs, wasps, and fleas), rodents (like mice and rats), and even birds or wildlife that may find their way into homes. The key objectives of domestic pest control are to:

  • Identify and Eliminate: Detect the type of pests present and determine the most effective method for elimination, often using traps, chemical sprays, or baits.
  • Prevent Entry: Seal off entry points to prevent pests from entering the home. This can include filling cracks, installing door sweep & other proofing methods.
  • Reduce Attractants: Advise homeowners on how to make their homes less attractive to pests by addressing issues like food waste, standing water, and clutter that can serve as nesting material.
  • Maintain a Safe & Healthy Environment: Ensure that the home is safe and free from the health risks associated with pests, such as diseases, allergies, or asthma attacks triggered by pest droppings or debris.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Offer regular inspections and treatment as needed to keep the home pest-free over the long term.

We tailor our domestic pest control services to our clients' individual needs. It is our goal to make you feel safe in your own home. Our domestic services can range from one-time removal services to ongoing pest management contracts.

Safety is a primary concern in domestic pest control, especially where children and pets are present. Our Pest control professionals are trained to use products safely and effectively, ensuring that treatments pose minimal risk to the inhabitants of the home while effectively dealing with the pests.

Commercial pest management in Scotland involves professional services that focus on the prevention, control, and eradication of pests in business settings. This includes a variety of industries such as hospitality, food service, healthcare, education, retail, and more. Pest management is critical in commercial environments to protect public health, comply with health and safety regulations, and prevent damage to property and goods.

Scotland, like many places, has to deal with a range of common pests including rodents (rats and mice), insects (such as wasps, ants, and cockroaches), and birds (like pigeons). The damp climate can also contribute to issues with pests.

We in Scotland offer services tailored to the needs of businesses that not only focus on immediate pest removal but also on long-term management & prevention. Here's what this typically involves:

  • Survey: Inspection of commercial premises to identify pest activity and potential risks.
  • Implementation: Developing a pest management strategy that can include the sealing of entry points, installing barriers, and deploying control measures.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Regular monitoring to ensure the pest management plan is effective, sufficient and to make any necessary adjustments to strategy throughout the program.
  • Prevention: Offering advice on practices and changes to the business operations to prevent future infestations.
  • Compliance: Ensuring that businesses comply with local health and safety standards, as well as wildlife protection laws.
  • Education: Training for staff on how to spot signs of pest activity and best practices for maintaining a pest-free environment.

Commercial pest management in Scotland must also adhere to specific regulations and guidelines, ensuring the methods used are safe for people and the environment. This may include working within the framework set by organisations such as the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and following legislation such as the Control of Pesticides Regulations and the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Given the potential impact on business operations, reputation, and regulatory compliance, professional pest management services are essential in the commercial sector within Scotland.

Birds can become pests when they nest, roost, or gather in unwanted high risk areas, such as in and around buildings, airports, agricultural settings, and other structures.

The reasons for controlling pest birds may include:

  • Health Risks: Bird fouling can harbour diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis, and can pose health risks to humans.
  • Property Damage: Bird droppings are acidic and can erode metal, stone, and paint on buildings and vehicles. Nesting materials can also block drainage systems and lead to water damage.
  • Agricultural Losses: Birds can cause significant damage to crops by feeding on seeds, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Air Safety: Birds, especially in large flocks, can pose a serious threat to aircraft during takeoff and landing.

Various methods of pest bird control include:

  • Physical deterrents: Suitable spikes, nets, and wire systems prevent birds from landing or nesting on structures.
  • Visual deterrents: Devices or objects that create visual discomfort or confusion for birds including decoys.
  • Auditory deterrents: Sounds that are unpleasant to birds or mimic predator calls to scare them away.
  • Chemical deterrents: Repellents that create an unpleasant environment for birds, discouraging them from staying in treated areas.
  • Biological control: Use of predators or other natural enemies to reduce the bird population.
  • Habitat modification: Changing the environment to make it less attractive to birds by removing food sources or roosting spots.

It's important to note that all bird species are protected by law, under the wildlife & countryside act 1981. Professional pest control services are often consulted to manage pest bird problems effectively and humanely.

Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover

Discover peace of mind with Clyde Pest Solutions - Scotland's premier pest control experts. From the bustling streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the central belt to the Scottish Highlands, our team delivers swift, eco-friendly, and reliable pest management solutions. Trust us to protect your home or business from unwanted guests, all year round.

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Preventive Maintenance: Prevention is better than cure

  • Regular inspections and treatments
  • Customised plans for specific needs
  • Increasing compliance
  • Reducing down time

We Enhance Your Environment By Providing Immediate Response & Lasting Solutions

At Clyde Pest Solutions, we prioritise your urgent needs. Born from a passion to support businesses during crucial moments, we specialise in addressing environmental health compliance issues. We're dedicated to getting businesses back on track when pest problems threaten their operations.

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Always Available

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